Education Grant Programs

The Canadian government offers many grants to its citizens. That is, students, small businesses and indigenous people can apply for education grants. Service Canada is a government website that walks people through the application process and lists what grants are available.

How to Apply
Through School
The most simple way to apply for an education grant program in Canada is through a Canada Student Loan. Students can apply for this through their school, such as their college or university. This method is simple because the student’s educational institution streamlines the process and, thus, finds the best grant available after taking the student’s family’s income into account.

Aside from income, the institution will consider other factors such as whether the student is full-time or part-time or whether the student has a disability.

Furthermore, those who would like to see if they are eligible for an education grant should consider checking the Canada Student Financial Assistance Regulations. This document clearly defines the conditions the student must meet in order to apply for a grant.

Registered Education Savings Plan
Another option is for the student’s parents or guardians to apply for a registered education savings plan. Those who are part of this plan have a decent chance at becoming eligible for a Canada Education Savings Grant. The amount the family receives through the grant depends on their income. In addition, this amount only applies to the first 500 dollars saved each year.

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council–or the SSHRC–offers grants that allow students to conduct research in social science and the liberal arts. There are three umbrella programs: (a) Talent; (b) Insight; and (c) Connection.

Students may qualify for the Canada Institutes for Health Research–or the CIHR–if they recognize the institution the student works for. In addition, the student must have experience as a medical researcher.

The National Science and Engineering Research Council is an option for students who are in the natural science and engineering fields.

Other Ways to Find a Grant
Aboriginal Business Owners
Aboriginal entrepreneurs who open or have developed a business are eligible for education grants through the Business Development Bank of Canada. This grant provides the entrepreneur with growth capital. However, there are some criteria the entrepreneur must meet. That is, he or she must have a financial commitment to the business and must engage in a mentoring program.

Grants for the Environmentally Friendly
The ecoENERGY Retrofit Grant is available for students who make an effort to save energy in their home and use environmentally friendly electronics and appliances. Those interested in this grant can apply through Natural Resources Canada. This organization evaluates the student’s home and determines whether they are eligible for the grant.